Who am I?

I am a French and Italian composer, pianist and audiovisual artist based in London.

I am great at writing strong melodies and arranging music to tell a story, and I have a special interest in site-specific works and projects exploring the link between music, motherhood and the natural world.

Recent clients and collaborators include Psappha Ensemble, Illuminate Women's Music, The Schneiberg Museum and The Museum of Oriental Art of Turin.


Projects I love: 


  • Site-specific works

  • Projects empowering women and marginalised communities

  • Projects exploring the link between music and the natural world

  • Educational projects - particularly those relating to the themes above

What I bring to any collaboration:


  • Expert knowledge of composition and arranging, musical storytelling, and emotional development of a piece.

  • In-depth understanding of the way music interacts with a variety of art forms, from film and theatre to multi-sensory installations.

  • A curious and open mind: I am always interested in meeting new collaborators, exploring unfamiliar concepts and original ideas, and adapting my skills and workflow to each individual’s needs.

  • A strong and holistic work ethics based on mutual respect, flexibility and integrity.

I would love to work with you if: 


  • You like to play an active role in collaborations, bouncing ideas back and forth and exploring possibilities together.

  • You value a holistic approach to collaboration and want to work with someone who respects you as an individual and cares about your well-being.

  • You are passionate about equality, diversity and inclusivity in the arts.

You might be a performer, a lyricist, a scientist, a writer, a choreographer, a curator, a visual artist, or something else entirely. If you have an idea for a project and feel we might be a good fit, I would love to hear from you!

Please get in touch at or via this website's contact form.

My Values:

My work allows me to explore my identity - as a mother, as a woman, and as a multi-cultural artist.

The climate emergency is a cause I am particularly passionate about. The central idea of the body of work I am producing is that, by experiencing (and, crucially, by being an active part of) the natural world through art, we get to empathise with it, gaining a sense of connection, of understanding.


One of my ongoing projects for example explores how our tactile perception of sounds and its link to the parent-child bond can improve our emotional understanding of cetaceans. 

In David Attenborough's words : "no one will protect what they don't care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced".