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The Island The Sea The Volunteer And The Refugee
for soprano, cimbalom, violin and cello
commissioned by Psappha Ensemble
based on a poem by Louise Wallwein



for solo guitar
first performance by Eleanor Kelly

Aquatic Dance and The Caress of the Sea

two pieces for Alto Saxophone and Piano
written for Naomi Sullivan and Yshani Perinpanayagam
as part of Illuminate Women's Music 2020 Concert Series


Il Respiro del Mondo

sound installation
co-created with Francesco Cassino

for the opening of the Museo Schneiberg, Turin, Italy


Mi Hijo, Mi Avuela
for Clarinet in G
composed as part of Psappha Ensemble's 'Composing for' scheme
first performance by Dov Goldberg


The Mystery of Mary Rose
musical, UK
music by Nina Danon

lyrics by John Hudson
based on the play 'Mary Rose' by J.M Barrie



Hippolyta's Handmaiden
theatre, UK
music for the play by Lucy Flannery
directed by Iskandar Sharazuddin
presented at the Criterion Theatre in December 2017


short musical
book by Robert Bryan
music by Nina Danon
lyrics by Andrew Taylor


​Pioggia Nel Vigneto
for 2 violins, 2 violas, piano and electronics

commissioned by F.lli Zeni Winery

for the multi-sensory installation 'Olfactory Gallery'

for choir, percussions and electronics

in collaboration with the SOAS University World Music Choir
and St Ethelburga's Centre 

music produced by After Crash


audiovisual installation by Lola Danon

music composed by Nina Danon

for piano and electronics
co-composed with Alexander Furk
commissioned by Joy of Sound

audiovisual piece
co-created with Andreas Nold



The Dragon and the Golden Flower
 for string quartet  and electronics
commissioned by The Museum of Oriental Art, Turin, Italy


video installation
co-created with Andreas Nold
commissioned by The Museum of Oriental Art, Turin, Italy


Song for a broken mother
 for improvising saxophone, improvising vibraphone and strings
co-composed with James Wilkie


Screen Rebels Preludes

four preludes for electric guitar and electric violin
co-composed with James Wilkie
commissioned by Screen Rebels, UK




audiovisual performance/installation, Italy/UK

in collaboration with painter Lola Danon


The Emperor of America

theatre play, UK/France

premiered at the Camden Fringe Festival

By the Reflecting Pool
documentary, UK/Germany


Hast du schon die Sonne begruesst?
composition for video, 6 pianos and electronics



dance, UK

premiered at The Place theatre
music co-composed with James Wilkie








Nomade, animated short, UK, 2017

The Art of Ubuntu, feature documentary, UK, 2017
Stories of Healing, feature documentary, UK, 2015

Lupus Perditus, short film, Germany, 2015

Women's Access to Land in Congoshort documentary, UK-Congo, 2015

Non è un paese per Tanya, short documentary, Italy, 2015

Jack Queen Priest God, short film, UK, 2014

Art on Show, The Royal Borought of Kensington and Chelsea, short documentary, UK, 2014

The Game, short documentary, UK, 2014

Weather, short film, UK, 2013

E-Waste Academy Edition Highlights, United Nations University, short documentary, 2012

Distraction, commercial, Italy, 2012

Die Welt Nebenan, short film, Germany, 2012

Metanoia, short film, Italy, 2011

Ballando con in cinghiali, short film, Italy, 2011

Myriam's Waltz, short film, Italy, 2011

Mio Padre, short film, Italy, 2011

Look Around, short film, Italy, 2010



Music Department


The Caretakershort film, UK, 2015(music preparation)

Beautiful Relicsshort film, UK, 2015 (music preparation)

Nour Festival at Leighton House Museum, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, 
short documentary, UK, 2014 (music supervision and piano recordings)

ARD's Tagesschaunews, Germany, 2013 (additional music)

Lauras Stern und die Traummonster, animation film, Germany, 2011 

(additional arrangements, piano recordings)

Detour, feature film, USA, 2011 (composer assistant)

Bhopali, feature documentary, India, 2011 (additional music)

Bloch, 'Verfolgt', TV series, Germany, 2010

(music preparation, piano recordings)