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Welcome to Volcano, a sonic experience by Nina Danon and Comakid, in collaboration with cellist Lily Hope.

The first iteration of Volcano, for loudspeakers and vibrating floor, will be presented on the 21/01/2023 at the Attenborough Arts Centre, as part of the Aural Diversity Workshop 5.

Volcano takes the audience on a multi-sensory journey to the centre of the Earth. Inspired by the magnificent volcanic cavern Algar do Carvão in the Azores, the piece is constructed to musically evoke the shapes, colours, textures and tactile sensations experienced when descending into this ancient volcano, bringing to life the rich geological history of the island of Terceira.

Listen to Volcano

For optimal experience, we recommend listening on headphones.

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About the team

Nina Danon is a French and Italian composer and sound artist, currently investigating compositional techniques based on the auraldiversity of neurodivergent musicians as part of her PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London.


Francesco Cassino - Comakid - is an Italian and British naturalised producer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer. He specialises in sound synthesis techniques and in his most recent work, he's been exploring the artistic application of both human and technology limitations.

Lily Hope is a spirited English cellist who holds passion for music that encourages self expression and shared understanding. Lily is currently exploring interests in new music, cross-arts collaboration and music with narrative, as well as promoting representative programming and accessibility for audiences.

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