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Here are some of the artists, organisations and institutions I have had the pleasure of collaborating with in recent years. 


Francesco Cassino - sound designer and music producer

Pavel Guerchovitch - violin, viola and guitar

Benedict Holland - violin

Eleanor Kelly - guitar

Jennifer Langridge - cello

Naomi Sullivan - saxophone

Yshani Perinpanayagam - piano
Claire Wild - soprano
Tim Williams - percussion

Psappha Ensemble
Illuminate Women's Music

Organisations: I am a member of the ISM, PRS, and BOOK Music and Lyrics, a programme of ongoing workshops for the creation, crafting and development of musical theatre writing and related specialist skills.

Writers, directors and visual artists: 

Lola Danon - visual artist

John Hudson - lyricist

Lucy Flannery 

Andreas Nold - editor

Mike Stocks

Andrew Taylor
Eden Tredwell
Iskandar Sharazuddin - writer, director and movement artist

Louise Wallwein 


Schneiberg Museum, Turin, Italy
Museum of Oriental Art, Turin, Italy
Zeni Winery and Wine Museum, Bardolino, Italy


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